Spot, a dog-like robot, gets updated with Wi-Fi, autowalk missions, and ethernet connection


Boston Dynamics, a US robotics company unveiled a new version of a four-legged dog-like robot named Spot. The company had unveiled it on 2 February that has also been spotted dancing in a viral video. According to the official website, the new version comes with enhanced Wi-Fi, autowalk missions, and ethernet connection while docked. The robot provides an ultimate autonomous data capture and post-mission data download. It can powerup and carry up to 14 kg of inspection equipment and comes with easy-to-control features that allow the user to control the robot using tablet application via built-in stereo cameras and comes with program repeatable autonomous missions to gather consistent data.

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The robot can work around the clock. Apart from opening doors, bring your slippers and picking dirty laundry, Spot can even plant flowers.

Making it truly autonomous, the self-charging capability of the robot allows it to perform routine or on-demand data collection in remote locations with no human interaction. It gets a built-in dock detection that allows Spot to return home to charge at the push of a button via the easy-to-use tablet interface or call of a program, without any other operator directions.

For updates functionality, the company leverages upgraded hardware to further improve communications, safety, and behavior on remote sites.

According to the company, the general public will soon start embracing robots as tools for making life much easier.

The future would see robots doing home delivery for food and daily basic functions at home.

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