Microsoft Teams video calling platform introduces new features including CarPlay support, transfer calls and more


Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to transfer calls between desktop and mobile. This will allow them to move around inside their homes or offices during video conferences. According to a blog by Microsoft, the pandemic this year forced IT leaders around the world to reprioritise their resources with the use of video communications skyrocketing. While people adjusted quickly to moving meetings online, one of the major challenges faced by them was to maintain a physical connection which usually happens when one is physically present during a meeting.

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According to Microsoft, studies have shown that a person’s voice is the signal that builds personal connections and creates clarity. Microsoft has added that the use of Teams Calling has skyrocketed as well, with Teams users making over 650 million calls in October, up 11 fold over March of this year.

The new update for the Teams platform has included several new features for general users. An enhanced Calls app brings the dial pad, call history, voicemail, contacts, and settings—into a single location, making it easier to stay connected to the work flow.

They have also added an option to save call recordings in OneDrive and SharePoint. Placing and receiving calls in car too becomes easier thanks to the introduction of CarPlay support for Teams Calling. With CarPlay, users can use their vehicle’s built-in controls to operate Teams.

Teams will also identify potential spam calls allowing users to comprehend who the caller is.

Furthermore, Teams is making it easy to place and receive calls from several different endpoints, including desktop and mobile devices. Starting from 2021, users will be able to shift calls between mobiles and desktop endpoints with an easy-to-use interface of the Teams app.

Microsoft has also introduced a host of other features including call merge (allows users to bring multiple different calls together to combine and simplify conversations), low-data mode and enhance reverse number look-up which will allow users to see the name of the caller during the call and in the activity feed and voicemail.

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