YouTube will soon bring a simplified way to adjust video quality settings: Report


YouTube is now working on a simplified way of adjusting video quality settings for users. According to a report by 9to5Google, when tapping quality from a video’s overflow menu, the video does not present a list of resolutions from 480p onwards. Instead, users are given four options. These include ‘Auto’, which gives the best experience for the condition, ‘Higher picture quality’ that uses more data, ‘Data saver’ for lower picture quality and ‘Advanced’ that allows users to select a specific resolution.

Image: Pixabay

The report adds that ‘Quality for current video’ is noted at the very top while the ‘Advanced’ option allows users to access the previous menu.

It also mentions that Auto allows viewers to have the best experience, as determined by Google at a moment, while ‘Higher picture quality’ and ‘Data saver’ are straightforward alternatives as their names suggest.

The report adds that as per the options shown on the screen, the settings only apply to the current video. There is also a link to a new ‘Video quality preferences’ that affect everything that the user watches in the app. It allows them to individually set the quality of the video on mobile networks and Wi-Fi.

However, YouTube’s new video quality preference option is still being labeled as beta and thus is not widely rolled out.

The User Interface advancements are available in version 15.45.32, and it is still unknown as to when will it have a wider rollout.

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